3D Simulator Attraction

About the project

To design a 3D digital video projection system and install a 10.1 surround system to go along with it isn’t difficult; the challenge with this project was that those systems had to be designed to fit into each of four previously-existing ride platforms.

Visitors are directed to one of four cabins, each seating up to forty people. The animatronics, ride motion control, video projection, and surround sound playback are integrated with frame rate accuracy.

Each of four simulators operates independently, but all are integrated with front-of-house show control operations. Random input can determine any one of up to fifty-two ride experiences per platform.

Projects such as this require us to utilize our software development skills to integrate multiple technologies and multiple pieces of equipment and bring them together in an intuitive and responsive ride control interface.

Equally challenging is the coordination of multiple disciplines, vendors, and contractors, while at all times keeping the scheduling and budgetary needs of the client top-of-mind. This client’s schedule required that we support the design, installation, and programming for two ride systems at the same time—separated coast-to-coast by 2,500 miles.

See the official ride webpages here, and here.



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