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Our Tools

Video Playback and Projection

We design video playback systems from a simple flat screen, to surround screens, to displays over multiple screens and irregular surfaces.

Speaker Systems

We evaluate and select vendors and individual speakers based on fidelity, performance, and suitability for each project.

Audio Distribution and DSP

TechMD, Inc. has been a proponent, developer, and eager user of Ethernet audio distribution and DSP-based control systems since their commercial inception. Our designs for themed entertainment are un-compressed, wire-quality Ethernet-based, up to 96kHz – 24-bit resolution systems. Installations include systems as large as 1000+ inputs and 2000+ outputs to processors, amplifiers, and speakers.


Our choices for amplification are based first and foremost on reliability. We prefer high-power in small form-factors, network control, and remote monitoring.

Control Systems

Regardless of the complexity of a presentation or training venue, be it a full corporate presentation or a viewer-actuated display, our control systems bring complex systems and options down to a very simple, intuitive, yet comprehensive interface.

Media Integration

Media comes to us in all sorts of formats and must be normalized and integrated into one deliverable package.

Custom Software Development

Whenever possible, we utilize existing software control assets provided by equipment manufacturers, vendors, and the clients themselves.

About Dave Revel

Davel Revel is the president and principal consultant of Technical Multimedia Design, Inc. (TechMD, Inc.) in Burbank, California

He has a wealth of experience in the design of audio and video systems, control systems, and integrated network infrastructure. He has gone around the world working on the architecture, implementation, and deployment of audio and video systems that push the envelope of digital signal processing and networked distribution and control. The breadth and depth of Dave’s experience provides a unique combination of technical expertise with an intimate understanding of the needs of the end user.

Dave has been a professional audio engineer for over thirty years. After studying Chemistry and Music at UC San Diego, he worked as an audio mixing engineer on a diverse range of live events and recording sessions, including work with such notable artists as Lee Ritenour, David Grusin, Chick Corea, GRP Records, Chaka Khan, The Metropolitan Opera, and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Dave has extensive experience in sound reinforcement and live recording for a variety of program material ranging from solo piano to acoustic jazz to electronic music.

Venues for these events have ranged from the classic—vintage Spanish and Italian opera houses and philharmonic halls in Austria and Germany—to the modern, including Avery Fisher Hall in New York, Detroit Symphony Hall, San Diego Symphony Hall, Tokyo’s Gotanda Kani Hoken Hall, and the Shanghai Opera House. This range of experience with a variety of music in both classical and modern acoustic environments has given Dave a wealth of knowledge to draw upon for his projects.

A lifelong interest in computer technology led Dave to add automation of audio and video systems to his portfolio, integrating show control systems with automated audio, lighting, and video for theatrical and corporate multimedia presentations. In addition, he has been a sound systems design consultant for music performance halls in addition to permanent and temporary outdoor venues for music performance. Working as a consultant to the entertainment, broadcast, and presentation industries, Dave has developed network-based audio systems for facilities in all corners of the globe.

Dave’s work as a consultant has covered the entire design cycle, from conceptual and schematic design, through design development and systems assembly, field installation, integration, and loudspeaker systems tuning. From opera houses and television studio facilities in China to live multimedia events for worldwide broadcast and theme parks in the USA, Europe, Hong Kong, and Japan, Dave’s designs utilize the latest in Digital Signal Processing resources and network technology.

More recently, Dave has led the development and implementation of networked systems for distributing full-bandwidth audio in real-time to and from multiple locations across campus-sized venues. Diverse audio, video, and computer network resources from a variety of manufacturers are integrated into unified systems managed from a central computer console which can be accessed within the facility as well as from remote locations. Operators are provided a streamlined system, which leverages the data and management resources available to facilitate the tasks at hand. Dave has also developed and administered systems operation training programs for managing educational resources provided by equipment vendors, and provided specialized training classes for theme park operations and maintenance personnel.

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